Home Sweet Money

Life is better when you control your money and not the other way around.

I help awesome individuals (hint: that’s you!) take control of their money so they can enjoy life again.

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I believe that money can have a huge impact on our lives both positive and negative. When we don’t have to think about money life is good. When money is the only thing on our minds life is bad.

Everybody has a dream lifestyle they want to live. Sometimes that involves traveling, sometimes that means spending more time with family, and sometimes it means flying to Mars. Either way, we each have a lifestyle that we want and therefore we are searching for ways to attain it.

Home Sweet Money was created to show you how to take control of your money situation.

I am admittedly terrible with money. I like to buy things that I want without restrictions. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the bills and other expenses from coming in.

Home Sweet Money looks at money from the approach that life is better when you can make enough of it where it no longer is a concern.

A Constant Experiment

Home Sweet Money is different from other sites that teach you how to manage your money because it takes a different approach. I understand the value of living a frugal lifestyle, but I don’t like holding myself back from enjoying the things I want in life.

Home Sweet Money’s goal is to not only help you manage your money, but to also make more of it.

You should be able to enjoy your life on your terms.

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